Ali-v-George Forman.


Picture of Muhammad Ali's Knockout of Sonny Liston


Ali versus Forman 30th October 1974 In Zaire

The Fight in Zaire 30th October 1974 between Ali and Foreman attracted hugh ringside boxing fans spectators and television audiences from around all over the world. Anyone and everyone who was at ringside to watch the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman or had seen the boxing match on television must have thought that Muhammad Ali was sure to get badly beaten, due to the power punches George Foreman was delivering to Ali's body in the early rounds of the fight.  It was highly unusual for the great, already legendary Muhammad Ali, to walk into the ring as the outsider and underdog for the first time except for when he fought Sonny Liston for the World Heavyweight Title when Muhammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay.

George Foreman Was a Giant of  a Man Amongst Other Fighters

George Foreman was a giant of  a man amongst other fighters in the ring,  a kind of reawaken Sonny Liston and a fighter with vicious punching power everyone who saw how George Forman wipe away Joe Frazier a fighter who had beaten Muhammad Ali and how he had beaten up Ken Norton who gave Ali a tough fight and a broken jaw. Yes Ali went into ring in Zaire not as the favourite but a weak outsider, no one gave Muhammad Ali an earthly chance of winning let alone coming out the ring in one piece against the the new raw and mighty Foreman. Many were concerned for Aliís safety, they all had the feelings he could get seriously hurt. Muhammad Ali had other ideas. Ali improvised the Rope-a-Dope trick  to k. o. the then World Heavyweight Champion George Forman in the Zaire fight entitled "Rumble In The Jungle." 

Promoter Don King Labelled The Boxing In Zaire: Rumble In The Jungle

But in 1974, Ali was a 32 year old and a former world champion. He had lost to Joe Frazier in 1971, and had his jaw broken by Ken Norton in í73. Muhammad Aliís opponent was the undefeated World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, George Foreman. He took out Joe Frazier and Ken Norton each in only two rounds. Foreman was not the smiling, teddy bear we know today on television. Promoter Don King had come up with the notion of having the fight take place in Zaire, and labelled it the "Rumble in the Jungle." As with any colossal intercontinental event, this one had extraordinary undertones. Muhammad Aliís bubbling flamboyant nature, good looks, endless sound bites, and strong pro-African beliefs, made him a huge favourite in Zaire. Clever man Ali in his time as a boxer. By contrast, George Foreman surrounded himself with his entourage, and isolated himself from the African people. By the time the fighters entered the ring, the crowd was yelling "Ali, boma ye!" meaning "Ali, kill him!"  Ali had boasted that Foreman couldnít keep up with his speed. Anyone who saw the fight on television or was present at the fight could see that Foreman never won any of the rounds, even with his round armed ribs punching. Clever Ali nullified Foreman power punches.

Muhammad Changed His Fighting Technique With The Rope A Dope Trick

To prove that point in the first round, he threw lead rights at Foreman from across his body. The lead right from a right-handed fighter is the easiest punch to see coming, so in a sense, Ali was openly taunting Foreman. In the second round, Ali Showed a new technique few had ever seen. Muhammad Ali fell back against the ropes, and beckoned Foreman to come get him. He protected his head, but Foreman pounded away at his ribs and his gut. Round after round, quite possibly the hardest hitting heavyweight in boxing history unleashed his fury. Only the ropes kept Muhammad Ali from being launched into the ringside seats. Under the thudding attack of Foremanís sledgehammer fists to Ali's belly parts, every three minute round must have seemed an hour long. But there was a reprehensible method to Aliís madness. After the seventh round, Ali let Foreman in on his secret. Foreman said: "I beat him for one, two, three, four rounds beat him good."

Foreman Was 6foot 3inches With Long Muscular Arms and Fists Measuring 13ĺ inches

At about the seventh round, I had him beaten, I knew I had him, he fell on my side and whispered, ĎIs that all you got George?í I knew something strange was happening in my life especially, because, that was all I had. Muhammad Ali sprung and strike like a cobra in the eighth round and exploded with a right left combinations, over George Foremanís lowered arms, directly to the chin of the exhausted champion. Foreman went down, and couldnít beat the count. Muhammad Ali had stared down the barrel of the worldís most powerful heavyweight a physically superior opponent and completely out thought him in the ring. Muhammad Aliís strategy, the infamous "rope-a-dope" reversed the odds. Several rounds of relentlessly throwing leather, George Foreman was tiring, his arms began to drop. Muhammad Ali was again the Heavyweight Champion of the World, only the second man to ever win the title back. George Foreman was 6foot 3inches with long muscular arms and fists measuring 13ĺ inches

Mobutu Told Boxers; "Don't Leave The Country!"

Muhammad Ali would go on to rule the heavyweights, through the epic "Thrilla in Manila" against Joe Frazier in í75, until 1978. Eight days prior to the bout, Foreman was cut above the eye and the fight had to be delayed. It was rescheduled for 30th October. After initial perplexity and helplessness, Muhammad Ali decided to stay in Zaire and so did George Foreman. There were rumours that Mobutu had forbidden them to leave the country. Foremanís cut healed and the two boxers entered the ring in the Stadium on the 20th May at 4 a.m. in the morning to suit the closed circuit viewers in the USA. The renovated stadium had originally been a present of Mobutu to his people.

Ali vs. George Foreman

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